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September 2020 Market Update

The world of currencies is complex – and they can play a big role in your investments, as well as the U.S. economy. Allworth’s Chief Investment Officer explains their importance in this month’s market update.

August 2020 Market Update

Is it different this time? In August's Monthly Market Update, our Chief Investment Officer Andy Stout analyzes the impact of November's presidential election on the stock market and the economy.

July 2020 Market Update

Interest rates are at record lows – and not rising anytime soon. Allworth’s Chief Investment Officer outlines how this new reality will affect your stocks and bonds, and what might eventually push rates higher.

Second Quarter 2020 Market Update

It’s been a strange four months – especially for markets. In this video, Allworth’s CEO and Chief Market Strategist look back on why stocks managed to bounce back from lows, discuss where opportunities might be found, and look ahead to the rest of the year.