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May 2022 Market Update

So far this year there’s been nowhere to hide on Wall Street. But why? Allworth’s Chief Investment Officer takes a deeper look at what’s causing the sell-off in both the stock and bond markets (and also shares why there’s reason to be optimistic).

April 2022 Market Update

Inflation is everywhere – but how might it play out in the months ahead? Allworth Chief Investment Officer Andy Stout outlines 3 potential scenarios: What could go wrong, what could go right, and what’s more likely to happen.

First Quarter 2022 Market Update

Why didn't bonds provide investors with much 'protection' this past quarter? Will the Fed really raise rates nine times this year? Is a recession coming? Allworth Co-CEO Scott Hanson and Chief Investment Officer Andy Stout address these questions and more in our first quarter video update.

March 2022 Market Update

There is a lot going on in the world right now. In this month’s market update, Allworth’s Chief Investment Officer explains what our Investment Committee is rigorously analyzing – from inflation to the Fed – as Russia’s war with Ukraine continues.