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November 2021 Market Update

Neither blindly optimistic nor unnecessarily pessimistic, Allworth’s Chief Investment Officer shares a fact-based analysis on the current state of the economy and markets – looking at everything from inflation to corporate profits to the risk of recession.

October 2021 Market Update

Elevated inflation looks like it’s here to stay – at least for a little while. Allworth’s Chief Investment Officer takes a deeper look at what these higher prices mean for the economy, the markets, and, ultimately, your investments.

Third Quarter 2021 Market Update

When will inflation stabilize? What headwinds is the market facing? How should you approach your investment strategy? We address these questions and more in our third quarter video update.

September 2021 Market Update

Between the Delta variant, the next potential move by the Federal Reserve, and the possibility of higher taxes for high earners, there are a lot of risks to the market and economy right now. Allworth’s Chief Investment Officer shares our take on where things currently stand.