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September 2021 Market Update

Between the Delta variant, the next potential move by the Federal Reserve, and the possibility of higher taxes for high earners, there are a lot of risks to the market and economy right now. Allworth’s Chief Investment Officer shares our take on where things currently stand.

August 2021 Market Update

While there are plenty of bright spots in the recovering U.S. economy, there are plenty of lingering risks as well. Allworth’s Chief Investment Officer takes a deep dive into the data we’re keeping our eyes on and explains what could be in store for your investments moving forward.

July 2021 Market Update

As the economy continues to reopen, we’re keeping our eye on key economic factors – particularly inflation – as well as what the Federal Reserve is doing (and saying). Read more in this month’s market update.

Second Quarter 2021 Market Update

What asset classes are thriving at the moment? Is the strong economic growth we're seeing right now sustainable? Will high inflation be temporary? Allworth Chief Investment Officer Andy Stout joins Co-CEO Scott Hanson to answer those questions (and more) in this quarterly market video.