Market Updates Articles

February 2021 Market Update

As the market continues climbing, have you ever wondered, “Can this actually keep going?” Allworth’s Chief Investment Officer explains the reasons behind the run-up… and if it’s sustainable.

January 2021 Market Update

As 2021 begins, Allworth’s Chief Investment Officer outlines the potential financial impact of a Democratically controlled Congress. He also explains why an additional stimulus package would be welcome news for the economy.

Fourth Quarter 2020 Market Update

Allworth's Co-CEO Scott Hanson and Chief Market Strategist David Schauer reflect on 2020 and explain why the old adage that the stock market looks ahead is truer than ever right now.

December 2020 Market Update

With 2020 almost in the rear-view mirror, there can be a temptation to wipe it clean from your memory (and with good reason!). But Allworth's Chief Investment Officer explains why, from an investment standpoint, you shouldn't be too quick to forget this unprecedented year.