November 6, 2021 Money Matters Podcast

Overseas stock sales, delaying Social Security, and the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF

On this week’s Money Matters, Scott and Pat discuss the timing of overseas stock sales, and the lesser-known risks of cryptocurrencies.

Scott and Pat advise a caller from Columbia about paying capital gains taxes on an overseas stock sale. A California man with $3.5 million saved wants to know about delaying Social Security and refinancing his home. Scott and Pat then discuss the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF. A caller from Woodland, California wants to know where to invest money from his former company’s profit-sharing program. They then advise a risk-adverse 67-year-old woman who has 63 percent of her $2.2 million savings in cash. Finally, a man in his late 50s with money to invest wants to know about Bitcoin.       

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