September 26, 2020 Money Matters Podcast

Day traders, options, and a soaring stock market

On this week’s Money Matters, Scott and Pat discuss how options and online traders are boosting stock prices, and how that trend may end.

Scott and Pat advise a mother looking for more ways to save for her children’s future, while one son makes $30,000 a year selling Goldendoodle puppies. A caller asks if his mother should take her spousal benefit from Social Security while she is still working. A man holding international bonds yielding 5% per year asks if he should sell his investment. A caller who saved $1 million in a 403(b) asks if he should buy a rental property. Scott and Pat speak with a caller in Northern California looking for investments that provide safe retirement income. A caller asks if he should sell a universal life insurance policy he purchased in 1987. Finally, a caller asks if an annuity will help create the $7,000 he needs in monthly retirement income.

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