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Top 100 RIA Firm


30 Years in Business

19,000+ Clients

4th Fastest Growing RIA

FA Magazine2

$14 Billion

Assets Under Management4

9th in AUM Growth

RIA Channel7

Best Places to Work


97% of Clients Stay With Us2

22,000+ Clients

Best in Class Advisors


Best in Class Ethics


30 Years in Business

$17 billion AUM4

Top 100 RIA Firm


Get to Know Us

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30 years ago, Allworth Financial was founded as a clear alternative to the self-motivated, sales-focused advisory model that continues to dominate the industry to this day.

Then, as now, we believed we could do better. Because you—and your money—deserve better.

We place the needs of our clients first every single time, because when financial guidance is uncompromised by self-interest or distractions — and our success is dependent on your success — you get more than just advice. You get a financial ally for life.

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Why People Work With Us

Fee Based
Honest, straightforward financial guidance that’s always in your best interest, 100% of the time.
Transparent fee-based pricing with no product selling…no quotas…no conflicts. When you succeed, we succeed.
Focused on maximizing investment upside while mitigating risk.
On-staff investment, tax, insurance, and estate planning experts working to connect all the dots of your financial life.
Intelligent financial and investment guidance that’s uniquely customized to you and your individual goals.
Dedicated, full-time advisors delivering the best of their time, energy, and focus — without limitations or distractions.

Planning with Perspective Webinar

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What we've learned and why it matters for your money.

A Free, Year-End Wrap-Up Webinar

Join Barron’s Top 100 Allworth Co-Founder Scott Hanson and Chief Investment Officer Andy Stout as they break down this year’s market highs and lows to reveal what we have learned, why it matters for you and your money, and how the power of perspective can help you set your financial planning up for success in 2024.

Secure your spot at one of our three available sessions, today!

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planning with perspective a year-end wrap-up webinar

How Can We Help You?

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Latest Podcast

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December 9, 2023 - After-tax 401(k) contributions, year-end tax tips, guidance on annuities, and more.

On this week’s Money Matters, Scott and Pat discuss a wide range of topics including 401(k) investments, tax strategies, and insurance.

Join the Money Matters Podcast

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Participate in the show! Ask Allworth CEOs Scott Hanson and Pat McClain your financial questions live on-air.

Latest Insights

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Forced to retire early? 6 ways to battle back

A late-career layoff or forced retirement can be devastating, both emotionally and financially. But the good news? It’s not the end of the world. Allworth co-founder Scott Hanson outlines six must-dos to help you bounce back.


3 financial goals that should be on everyone's list for 2024

Have you thought about your New Year’s financial goals yet? As 2023 begins to wind down, Allworth co-founder Scott Hanson helps kick things off by sharing three of his biggest suggestions to serve as your starting point.


November 2023 Market Update

Right now, the U.S. dollar is the world’s reserve currency. But could that status be in jeopardy? Or are recent concerns overblown? Chief Investment Officer Andy Stout answers five big questions that help shed light on whether the dollar is bound for a demotion.

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