Virtual Workshops

7 Personal Decision Points | On Demand

Our 7 Personal Decision Points retirement planning workshop covers a range of topics and is designed to help you successfully plan for the biggest investment of your life.

In just 50 minutes, we’ll review:

  • The best ways to determine how much money you need to retire
  • Important tax planning considerations
  • Steps to protect your savings and investments from risk
  • And much more!

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Top 5: Social Security | On Demand

People who file for Social Security at just the right time can earn thousands of dollars in extra income during retirement. Get your 5 key Social Security questions answered by award winning Allworth Co-founders Scott Hanson and Pat McClain. Rapid-fire and engaging, this virtual on-demand event will address the key questions people ask when determining how Social Security fits in their retirement plan.

In just 50 minutes, we’ll answer:

  1. How do I adapt to future changes?
  2. How do I maximize my income?
  3. How is it taxed?
  4. How do spousal (or divorce) benefits work?
  5. What happens if I continue working after I claim?

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