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The Social Security Planning Handbook

We’ve Simplified the Details So You Can Maximize Your Benefits.

Our NEW Social Security Planning Handbook introduces you to the facts, fiction, and figures you need to know when determining how Social Security fits into your overall financial plan and could be worth $110,000 in extra benefits to you if you get it right!1

The handbook covers:

  • Social Security Basics: Do you Qualify?
  • How Your Monthly Payment is Calculated: The Facts.
  • Retirement Finance Snapshot.
  • Navigating Full Retirement Age: A Quick Guide.

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Now to Next: Your Complete Financial Planning Guide

Did you know there are 7 key financial planning areas you need to master before considering retirement?

With more than three decades of helping people plan for their future, we know that it can be both complex and overwhelming for everyone. But at the same time, we also know you’ve only got the one change to get it right.

With our FREE Now to Next guide, we’ve simplified the complex into seven key areas you’ll need understand and master today to make the clearest decisions about your tomorrow.

Inside, you’ll learn:

  • How to calculate how much you’ll need each month once you retire.
  • Why a pre-emptive tax-planning strategy should get as much attention as your investment strategy.
  • The different kinds of risk to you and your money (and how to protect both).
  • Why it matters how you eventually tap your assets.
  • And more!

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