Social Security Planning

Filing for Social Security requires the right education and guidance.

You’ve worked hard and paid into the Social Security system for decades. Now it’s time to get your investment back.

When you partner with Allworth to navigate the Social Security system, our job is to help you understand:

  • The best time for you to apply
  • How to maximize your monthly benefit
  • Strategies that lower your tax burden
  • Your Full Retirement Age (FRA)
  • Unique considerations for people who are married, divorced, or widowed
  • Methods to help you adapt to future changes that could impact the program

Social Security has drastically changed, not just since its inception in 1935, but just in the last few years. It’s an important program for retirees to augment their income, but the optimum time to apply substantially varies from person-to-person. Start homing in your Social Security strategy with free filing advice from an experienced Allworth advisor.

We understand. Retirement is a big deal. So, if you’re within 5-10 years of retirement, this is the perfect opportunity to assess your Social Security strategy and review your goals with a complimentary, no-pressure phone call with a professional Allworth advisor.

You have multiple options:

Retirement Expert Q&A – 15 min.

  • Have a specific money, investment, or retirement planning question on your mind? This is your opportunity to speak with one of our fiduciary financial advisors and get it answered.

Social Security Check-Up – 30 min.

  • When to claim Social Security is one of the most important – and potentially most confusing – decisions you can make when it comes to your retirement. During this time, we’ll exclusively focus on your Social Security options to help you develop a strategy that maximizes your benefit.

In-Depth Retirement Evaluation – 60 min.

  • Within 5 years of retirement? Already retired? It’s critical all the puzzle pieces fit together just right. We’ll take a deep dive into your entire financial situation using our exclusive ‘7 Personal Decision Points’ planning process.

Schedule your consultation by calling us at (866) 246-0411 or filling out the request form below.

Allworth Financial is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), which means we adhere to a fiduciary standard of care; we are legally and ethically required to act in your best interests 100% of the time.

More Information about Social Security Planning

Tablet displaying guide, "7 Simple Steps to Prepare for Retirement"

Guide: 7 Simple Steps to Prepare for Retirement

It’s something we all think about, but many of us hesitate to begin the process. This self-paced digital guide is rich in detail and provides specific examples to help you understand the material. 

It provides you with:

  • A roadmap to retirement planning
  • Answers to pressing questions people have about retirement
  • Examples and key considerations

The 7 Personal Decision Points have been developed as a way to familiarize you with the foundational aspects of a comprehensive approach to the retirement preparation process.



Our digital and in-person workshops give you the opportunity to learn first-hand from an experienced financial advisor. Listen to examples that can help address many of the questions you may have about retirement.


Retirement Checklists

What better way to get a clear understanding of the things you must do before you retire? These quick retirement checklists will not only help you understand where you stand in the preparation process, they’ll alert you to things you may not have considered.


Social Security Insights

We produce regular insights about retirement planning and Social Security. Check out our articles to learn more about important factors and potential changes that could affect your Social Security benefits.