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Scott and Pat have been answering financial questions and concerns on-air for nearly 30 years. From investment strategy, tax planning, debt management, estate planning, and even emergency finances, they can help you set a plan to retire with confidence.

Scott: “This too shall pass.” Pat: “It will.” Scott: “The markets will continue. We will hit highs again. I always like to reflect back. I started in this industry in June of 1990. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was roughly 2,600. It’s 30,000 some-odd today.”

- Scott Hanson & Pat McClain
December 17th, 2022

The important thing is, is to make sure that your financial plan, your investment plan is allocated properly, you’ve got the right things in place, to participate, regardless of what happens. And be on a path to accomplish your financial goals and objectives.

- Scott Hanson
December 31st, 2022

Don’t get sidetracked by bright and shiny new investments, the noise, get rich quick schemes. Pick a path, make sure that your investment philosophy is sound, that you can live with it, stick with it and stay with it.

- Pat McClain
December 31st, 2022