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Estate Planning

Your estate planning needs are as unique as your fingerprint.

An important part of your personalized retirement plan should include a carefully considered and crafted estate plan to help ensure your hard-earned legacy passes on according to your wishes.

Looking after your loved ones, protecting your assets, preserving your legacy, relieving stress and worry and implementing your directives in a tax-efficient manner are all important parts of what a well-devised estate plan will do for you.

Our financial advisors will work with you to help develop a plan that is aligned with your personalized retirement plan. We also coordinate services with a network of estate planning lawyers that will help you:

  • Devise or enhance your will or trust to efficiently transfer your assets
  • Avoid an expensive and lengthy probate process
  • Develop a plan for tax-efficient wealth transfer
  • Make certain your heirs and underage children are protected
  • Identify proper beneficiary designations
  • Carry out your end-of-life instructions
  • Support your favored charities
  • Administer your trust and related legal documents
  • File the appropriate tax returns

Creating an estate plan is much easier than many people realize, and virtually no one regrets it. The fact is that we’ve worked with some people who consider their estate plan to be their crowning financial achievement. 

Schedule a consultation to learn how an estate plan can take care of your loved ones,

keep you from overpaying taxes, and preserve your legacy.

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