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Investment Management

Our goals are your goals

We will never recommend an investment just because it’s good or profitable for us. Never.

This is about you.

If you want investment results, accountability, honesty and clarity? If you want to work with a firm where your goals are the primary motivation? If you want to engage with an advisory firm that thrives when you thrive?

Then at Allworth Financial, you’ve found a home.

The fact is that if we recommend something to you, we do it only because you’ve told us what you want to accomplish, and our research has shown us that the approach we are recommending is the very best way for you to reach your goals.

Is that clear? If we could repeat it one million times, we would.

We ONLY make recommendations that are in your best interests.

Your interests first. Every single day. Every single time.

How we choose investments

There are two key questions you should ask every investment team:

  1. Who is creating the portfolios into which your savings are invested?
  2. What are their motivations?

At Allworth Financial, our highly-trained and heavily-credentialed in-house investment management team screens thousands upon thousands of investments each year. Each investment we choose serves a specific role within the portfolio to create diversification, reduce risk and provide growth potential

And, rest assured, the money we manage for you is held safely-and-securely by a nationally-recognized and fully-insured third-party custodian. Some firms forgo this protective measure by holding your money in their company accounts. Not Allworth Financial.

Creating the best portfolio for you

We build portfolios for the sole purpose of helping you reach your financial and investment goals.

How do we decide what portfolio is best for you?

  • We meet you.
  • We get to know you.
  • We evaluate your financial situation.
  • We ask you a detailed series of key questions.
  • We then complete a risk analysis of your goals, wants and needs.
  • We then set about researching portfolios for the best fits.
  • We then select a specific strategy that aligns your risk comfort level and your short and long-term goals.

As your life changes, we continue to meet with you and update your investments to keep them in line with your goals, tolerances and needs.