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Our Fees

Straight forward and aligned with your goals

Our entire fee is earned as a percentage of the money we manage for you.

Unlike many other financial services firms, our compensation is not dependent upon the investments that we recommend, nor the advice that we offer. We are paid the same regardless of how you’re invested. This straightforward fee structure aligns your interests with ours.

Also, as your accounts grow, another benefit of working with a fee-based advisor is that your fee percentage could actually become smaller.

Your quarterly fee entitles you to:

  • Credentialed investment advising
  • Comprehensive retirement planning
  • Investment trades
  • Detailed advice on Social Security and Medicare
  • Unlimited access to a huge educational library of videos, articles, tutorials, podcasts and more
  • Ongoing portfolio rebalancing
  • On-demand 24/7 account access
  • And regularly scheduled meetings with your advisor

We believe in complete transparency! That means that your fee will be clearly listed on your monthly account statements to avoid any surprises.

It’s our goal to keep you happy and to retain you as a client for the rest of your life.