All of us at Giordano Wealth Management Group (GWMG) are where we’ve always been, right here in Los Gatos, only we’ve recently formed an exciting new partnership with award-winning, Sacramento-based, Allworth Financial.  

Like GWMG, Allworth Financial is still run by its original founders, Scott Hanson and Pat McClain, who not only mirror our devotion to client satisfaction, but who were recently awarded a “Best in Class” designation by the National Business Research Institute.

While your advisor, financial plan, and even our office location will all remain exactly the same, our partnership with Allworth means we’ll soon be adding useful technologies, more educational materials, and, in the future, a wider-array of services such as estate planning and tax preparation.

You’ve been re-directed to the Allworth Financial website, where you’ll find us folks from Giordano awaiting the opportunity to help you reach your investment and financial goals, and, of course, working together to create a plan that will help you retire better.

Thank you for the trust you’ve placed in us. We look forward to seeing you either in-person, or via videoconference, soon.